Offseason Project- My Unitronic Stage 2 MK6 Volkswagen GTI!

Hello Everyone, the offseason for racing is almost over. I found a way to keep busy over the offseason this year and decided to start a little car project. I have had my VW MK6 GTI for a few years now, and finally got bored of driving a stock car. I have put on Mudflaps from Rokblokz, sway bars and control arm mounts from Whiteline to balance out the handling, but I also just installed a game changer.

A huge partner in Unitronic has helped me take my GTI from stock to full stage 2. This means that my car has upgraded ECU tuning which adds 80 hp and over 115 ft-lbs of torque! I have DSG stage 2 which makes my dual clutch transmission shift seamlessly, and also gives me raised RPM levels for launch control, and shifting gears. It is very cool how companies like Unitronic can find so much power out of these turbocharged cars.

The software is impressive, but that’s not all that has gone into my car. I have installed an upgraded intercooler, to help prevent heat soak, a diverter valve relocation kit, and a cold air intake to get better colder air going into my turbo. To top it off I have Unitronics beautiful sounding turbo-back exhaust that balances great sound with performance. I am very impressed with the quality of the products, and also the customer support they offer. I am a very new mechanic, so the directions, and A+ customer service helped me complete a huge install. I am learning a lot about working on cars and keep getting better, it makes it very satisfying to drive knowing I put everything on the car.

I really look forward to getting my car on track, i’m thinking about putting upgraded brakes on, and already have plans for BCracing BR series coilovers to go on my car. My goal for track day number one is to pass as many Mustang’s and Subaru’s as possible. I am really loving my decision to start this project as it has been so much fun already, and is going to help me show all my followers cool things they can do to their cars. I want to say a huge thanks to Unitronic and all my partners for helping me get this project rolling.

Fun times to come,

Alex Keyes

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