GRC Memphis Recap

GRC Memphis Recap

Hey everyone, 2 weeks ago I had my first race of the the year in Red Bull Global RallyCross Lite’s. I am in the Wix Filters car again with Dreyer and Reinbold racing and am super happy to be competing full time. The field this season is the most competitive it has been in my 3 years racing in the series. All the teams have been testing heavily over the offseason so the level is very good. We were right on pace in practice first day out in Memphis being top 3 putting me in the fastest group for qualifying. On my last lap I was able to put down a flyer with the new style of qualifying that lets us decide to run 1 or 2 flying laps to set a lap, it was intense.
Through the heats I did not benefit from the new heat format and ended up starting far outside in my Semi-Final. I got the best start of my life and was able to pass the top 2 guys and win my Semi, then was able to start similar for the Final from Pole. the opening 6 laps of the Final I was in the lead but under pressure from behind and everyone was running similar pace. I got very unlucky and hit a rut in the dirt section debeading a tire. The dirt section was the roughest I have ever raced on and ended up biting us. I finished 9th but have some points from my Semi Final win. It is going to be a great battle between at least 4 or more drivers this season and the track in louisville will be a huge change up from the big oval at Memphis. We did everything we could to win the race, just ran out of luck. Huge thanks to Dreyer and Reinbold, Wix Filters, and Oil2Soil for getting me back in the seat, I am looking forward to Louisville and leaving with a solid finish!

Car project Update
My MK6 GTI project has been going awesome, I have a few new parts and the rest are all performing great. My Unitronic tune now has 1,500 miles on it (I like to go on drives) and I have had no issues, I am going to need new brakes to help me slow it down though! I have 2 youtube videos up, talking about the Unitronic tune on my page “Alex Keyes Racing” check them out and see the cool stuff I have been fitting on my car! I also just installed BCracing BR series coilovers, I am loving them. I was able to drop my car an inch and balance out my ride heights, the adjustable damping has been fun as well. I started my damping at 10 clicks in the front, and 12 in the rear, I have been dialing in the front and have been all the way down to 6 and am now sitting at 12 in the front. I think that right in the middle of the 30 available clicks may be the way to go! I just fitted the Motegi MR133 wheels and they cleaned up the look of my car a ton and got me some extra track width being an 18×8.5 ET45 wheel! Stay tuned on Instagram and subscribe on youtube to watch my first track day and Drag strip run in my Unitronic Stage 2 MK6 GTI.

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